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Pillar 1

Four pillars serve as the guiding framework for all ICP related activities. These pillars and the accompanying ICP opportunities are detailed below.


The ICP program is home to a powerful multi-disciplinary cross-generational group of women and girls of color. Scholars include women of color attending Ben Davis High School, Ben Davis University High School, Indiana University Bloomington, and STEM professional affiliates employed in around Monroe County, IN.Through this diverse and affirming community, scholars can expect to feel a greater sense of support, connectedness, and belonging.

© 2018 by I CAN PERSIST STEM Initiative.

Pillar 2

A key component of academic and career persistence is possessing an in-depth understanding of oneself and the world of work. As such, scholars will engage in various career and professional development activities designed to increase career exploration, certainty, and decision-making self-efficacy. One key career exploratory opportunity is shadowing professionals in areas of interest. Through a year-long partnership with Baxter and Cook Medical, undergraduate scholars will have the opportunity to shadow professionals in an array of STEM areas.

Pillar 3

Future persistence hinges on scholars current scholastic success. Consequently, we collaboratively work to equip scholars with the necessary tools for success. We strive to meet each student where she is at, which results in a more individualized approach versus “a one-size-fits-all.” 

Pillar 4

Tomorrow’s leaders need to be able to communicate their disciplinary knowledge effectively to audiences outside of their fields. It is for that reason that all ICP scholars will design and teach multiple STEM outreach activities. Audiences will include high school and elementary girls.

© 2018 by I CAN PERSIST STEM Initiative

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