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Program Overview

Despite efforts to broaden representation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, women of color* continue to remain significantly underrepresented across all levels of STEM education.


The I CAN PERSIST (ICP) STEM initiative is a year-long endeavor designed to advance the success of women and girls of color in STEM through the implementation of a comprehensive, culturally-responsive, four-pronged approach (see Fig 1) that foregrounds an emphasis on both the personal and professional elements of success (see Fig 2).

Program Benefits

  • Participate in a community of women of color in STEM to support your academic, professional, and personal  growth


  • Receive support and mentorship from peers, graduate students, and professionals

  • Engage in regular social outings (bowling, dinners, movies, hiking, arts & craft, etc.)

  • Develop and strengthen your future career preparedness

  • Gain access to a network of  women of color STEM professionals through job shadowing, informational interviews, and monthly career speaker series ​

  • Receive training in CV/Resume building, and interviewing, job/internship application

Academic Success

  • Learn strategies for working and thriving in male-dominated labs, courses, departments and industr


  • Develop key learning strategies and skills for excellence in STEM courses

  • Receive individualized help developing a semester plan, along with strategies for accountability

Disciplinary Engagement & Leadership Development

  • Develop and strengthen science communication, teaching, and outreach design and development skills


  • Learn to apply academic/disciplinary knowledge to solve real world problems

  • Have an opportunity to give research talks and teach seminars on a discipline related topic (*graduate students)

Belonging, Community & Support

Career Development

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